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Dolphin Relay

Dolphin’s renowned example of how analytics can be used to create value from big data.

A flexible cloud hosted database solution customized to work the way you do!

Our team of experts are experienced across many sectors. They take the time to understand your unique business processes, appreciating the importance of your key business relationships and how crucial it is to manage all your information.

‚ÄčCapabilities and Benefits

  • Develop better communication channels
  • Collect vital data, such as customer details and order histories
  • Create detailed profiles such as customer preferences
  • Deliver instant, company-wide access to customer histories
  • Identify new selling opportunities 
  • Integrated Outlook calendar scheduling
  • Workgroup/membership registration
  • Customized reporting features
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime you need it

To request more information about Dolphin Relay please visit our contact page, or e-mail us directly.

By implementing the right database solution, your business will greatly improve the services you offer, sales efficiencies, and marketing effectiveness.